Monday, 27 April 2015

SPNW & BUMPS' Big Collaboration Event 2015 / International StreetPass Week 26/04/2015

Phew, well that was certainly one of the most hectic events we've hosted to date!

It started a few days before when we almost didn't have a booking with the venue, but after a few back and forth phonecalls we were back in again, and had confirmed access at 10am on the day.
Almost right on time, and we got let in - a record for us, so we were able to set up fairly leisurely and BUMPS set up the decks ready for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, whilst some early arrivals played a bit of Smash Wii U and then had a go at the new 200cc mode on Mario Kart 8.

Ben also brought along his N64, which he managed to set up in the Bar, along with Pokémon games and Smash brawl. A couple of attendees managed to get a go on it between things :) 

We were supposed to start off the first round of our Smash League at 11.30, but due to various reasons we ended up starting at 12, so rather than finishing at 5 like we usually do, we did warn people that it would probably overrun, with Jen predicting it should finish by about quarter to 6...

Smash Round 1 was the "Themed" round on the Wii U - This consisted of Pokémon characters on Pokémon themed stages and pokéballs, master balls and smash balls as the items. One unfortunate incident happened when a few people fell off the stage when Palkia turned the stage upside down!!

The Pokémon Tournament then started, and we had 4 rounds of pairs, with just the top 4 going through. (There was a clear top 4 cut, as they were the only players to have won at least 3 matches)
It gave the less competitive players chance to have a good play of the game rather than getting knocked out straight away like they usually did with the single elimination tournaments. We used the VGC2015 rules too. Will ended up winning the tournament, and took away a set of limited edition Pikachu Cosplay badges and £10 eShop Credit.

Whilst all this was happening, the Trading Card Game was under way, and it was nice to see a good turnout for that too, with Amy and Dan offering tutorials and help to those who hadn't played before/for a while.

The look of shock when Amy helping John ended up losing in 3 turns was highly amusing!

We let the TCG carry on the in background and tried to interweave the various tournaments in with each other due to lack of time.

Once the Pokémon main tournament was over with we played Smash Round 2, which was the For Glory Round, this time on 3DS

The Mario Kart 7 tournament rolled straight off the back of Smash, with 2 groups of 8 competing for the final 8 spots. There was only a 1st prize this time, so the fight was tense! It was all down to one single Grand Prix (lightning cup)

Smash Round 3 ended the competitive scene with the final Wildcard round!
This Wildcard held tribute to both International StreetPass Week, as well as the recently released Xenoblade Chronicles.
Each player had to choose a character that could be green, and they fought it out on Gaur Plain, complete with "Explosive" items, to mark that explosive end to International StreetPass Week ;)

We very nearly had a tiebreaker for the session winner, but Chan managed to block Jack's final victory, meaning Dan bagged himself the Charizard amiibo!

We finished off with the results from the plaza competition which had been launched on 16th April - people had to take pictures of their StreetPass Mii Plaza to show how many hits they had on the 16th April. They then showed them at the end of this event  and we worked out the difference between the two pictures. John had obviously put all the effort in with 294 hits! (And 2nd place miles behind with a mere 121 hits!)

The raffle was strictly Pokémon themed on this occasion with a Dragonite, Blastoise and Umbreon plush up for grabs, a Pokémon X/Y drawstring bag, and some single Pikachu Cosplay badges.

And true to predictions, we finished right on quarter to 6! Well nearly, the TCG kept going until 6,

 but after Dan vs Dan, 1st place Dan gave his prize to the other Dan, so they were both winners really! :) The prizes up for grabs were a Pikachu amiibo and a couple of booster packs.

We saw a couple of new faces, and some we hadn't seen for a while. It was nice to do our 2nd collaboration with BUMPS, here's to one again next year! :)

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