Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bowser's Cake Party 21/03/15

This time, it was all about the Bowser, the cake and the party, literally!!

We invited people to bake a cake/cookies/buns and what we got was amazing! Quite a few kept to the Mario Party theme too :D

Everything was 50p, and the "fancy" cupcakes were £1. Everyone got a free raffle ticket for every 50p spent, which meant everyone gradually got more hyper as the day went on... Must have been all that icing!! Someone even had some of the jelly from the pink luma cake board!

And of course this one just had to be our favourite! Thanks Declan and Ellie :) 


In the second room, there was a second setup of Mario Party 10, and also a smaller 3rd setup of Smash 4, for those that wanted to practice or use their amiibo. 

Once everyone was settled in, round One of SPGL Smash Session #2 got underway. This time the rounds were spread throughout the day, due to feedback from the previous session. It also included two wildcards rather than one. This time there were 18 entrants.

Round 1: 4 players took on Dylan's Bowser amiibo "Web" - we didn't tell them if Web counted in the scoring or not as that would have influenced how people fought the round. People had to chose "playable" characters from Mario Party 10. Most people got their positions, with Web taking first place; but one round saw of our regulars Drn managed to beat him!! For that he won himself a Bowser keyring to mark the skill! :)

After Round 1, we saw the first round for the Mario Party 10 competition.


It was points based, similar to the way the league works, and people got two attempts and those points were added together, with the top 8 players going through. We had 14 entrants altogether.
Some people nipped out to Asda for food, and then we got on with round 2 of the Smash league.
This was the for glory round, and featured on the Wii U again. 

The second "knockout" round of Mario Party 10 followed, which made sure the event was varied enough between genres :) 
The two semi finals of Mario Party then happened, with the top 4 in the main room and the second group in the "other" room. 
 Both groups played a traditional Mario Party.
Everything was going fine until Drn's remote died on the last mini game! It was very close between 2nd anad 3rd, so we decided between everyone involved that the fairest way was to do a tiebreaker (rather than playing the whole party again.)

Lastly, we did round 3 of the Smash League Session. This was the wildcard, but this time it was also themed! Albeit "food" rather than cake though!
Played on the 3DS WarioWare stage, with only food as items but any character. Damage display was also off, which a couple of members thought was a mistake at first! People seemed to enjoy it though, and this round was also to emphasise the fun over the competitiveness ;)

It was also a nice way to end the playable bits of the event, and it also marked the near sellout of cake too! There were only a couple of cake pops and slices of cake left :) 

We did the prizes and raffle at the end too. and had our usual group photo! Well done to everyone who won something! 

Don't think Sean wanted Wario! :o

Also, thanks to everyone who contributed a cake, and anyone who donated any prizes for this event's raffle! They are very much much appreciated, and of course any money that is made in the group gets put back into the group to fund better prizes and exciting opportunities! :D

Have you tried one of our mini meets yet? There's one next week, feel free to join us from 5pm in Varsity, Bangor :) our next big event is a collaboration with the university's Pokémon society too (date TBC, but likely 26th April!)

See you soon!

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