Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Special Christmas Mini Meet 22/12/2014

The original plan was to round off the year at our big event earlier in the month, but with the prospect of having access to a massive screen out of term time and call for one last party before Christmas, it just had to happen!

Unusual venue, but a big lecture theatre in the centre of town. No lectures, just Smash Wii U, all afternoon!
People started arriving from 1pm, and we got set up with our equipment including drawing the brackets by hand. There was a big spread of whiteboards directly under the massive screen, why not?! 

Some arrived after 1.30pm, but we were taking it easy, so the actual amiibo tournament didn't start until 2pm.
We allowed people to change amiibo between rounds, but most ended up sticking with their "favourite" one. We went round at the start to establish who was entering, and asked them to declare which amiibo they intended to use.
We then drew the names out of the item box, and wrote them out on the board. 

The rules were:
- 2 stock, 5 minutes (1 shot)
- Customisations OFF
- Items OFF
- Stage: "Random Omega" 
- double elimination

We had asked on the group previously if anyone had any objections to the admin competing, and no one did, so Dylan was armed with Villager & Kirby, Jen went with her faithful Pikachu, and Rhys picked Pit, but then threw in his Diddy Kong in the final.

There were some tense matches, but the Pikachu kept winning! As it happened though, when the winners of the losers' bracket rejoined for the final, it was certainly a spanner in the works!
Jen and James were the winners from the winners' bracket; with Dan and Rhys joining as winners from the losers' bracket. 
Unexpectedly, James' Link "Rinky-Dink" got knocked out first, and then Diddy Kong "Dunston" came out of nowhere and KO'd Pika and the other Link "Pinky" simultaneously, rendering Diddy Kong the surpeme champion of the day!
Rhys had the choice of £10 eShop, a Kamek plush or a Wave 1 or 2 amiibo. 

After the tournament was done with people were playing their 3DSes (Some Luigi's Mansion 2 was seen) and 8 player Smash appeared!
4 players with their amiibo took on each other, then it was everyone as "random".

It ended with James fighting against "bob", Jen's Samus amiibo - he beat her twice, but it took some doing. Her defence stat is about +190! 

It was just about time to pack up at this point, so once everything was back in boxes, we headed over to our Hockey Hut in Varsity to have our "usual" mini meet session. 

We lost a few guys along the way as they had somewhere to be in the evening, but we also gained a few just in the evening, as our regular family came to join us for food and more games! :)

We started with some 10 player Tetris Ultimate, where the first couple of games were basically figuring out how to control things and use the items! It was its first outing for our meet, so it was interesting to see how it was received. Our own verdict was that we think at the moment we prefer Tetris Online, its predecessor; although 10 player is better than 8 right?!

We all had a break while everyone got food, and we saw various games being played including Fantasy Life and Tomodachi Life. 

One funny moment with the food - Cat and Red were brought 2 coffees... they'd ordered pizzas as far as they knew.... when they went to the bar it was worked out that they'd ordered "Americana Pizzas" not "Americano Coffees" - that kept us all laughing for a bit! People really appreciated the half price deal on all food too!

Once the food was out of the way, we got a couple of Mario Kart 7 Grand Prix in before the Manchester lot had to go home.

Those of us who were left rounded off the night with a couple of rounds of Cards Against Humanity. Was much fun, especially since it was the première of the custom Nintendo themed cards! 

Look out for our next mini meet, which will be at some point in January, followed by our next BIG meet which is set to take place on Saturday 21st February.

Merry Christmas all and see you in 2015 for some more fun and games! :D

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