Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mini'ish' Meet 16/11/14

Bit of a hiccup at the beginning, because security had no record of our booking, despite us checking over and over again with Academi that everyone knew when we needed access... After some persuasion, and a good half an hour later than originally agreed, we finally got access to the building... just as well it wasn't raining! The sun had come out for us :P 

This was a sightly different event. We didn't want another big meet, but at the same time, we couldn't ignore the fact that some new DLC had been released for Mario Kart 8, one of the group's favourite games!

we also opted to do this on a Sunday, because Sundays have been neglected the latter half of this year, mainly due to the hosts having other commitments. If we do any more mini'ish' meets though, we will certainly try and alternate a bit more! (Look out in January for another potential one!)

Originally it was just an excuse to hang out in the Cinema room of Academi with the big screen. It ended up turning into a tournament for DLC only Mario Kart, with an official Mario Kart 8 Guide up for grabs!

We had 15 people turn up in total, with 11 taking part in the tournament. 

 There was a spectacular photo finish, when Link thought he'd bagged the finish, and then out of nowhere popped Roy with his mushroom, and just pipped him to the post before the finish line!

Jack came out top and won the guide - no surprises there, he is our Mario Kart 8 North Wales representative :) Well done to Will, Drn and Amy for getting to the top four though! 

There was also some random multiplayer sessions of Fantasy Life in one corner. Not least because someone needed some help killing a behemoth and a big dragon! 


We didn't quite get round to playing Tetris, but it was nice that the session was so laid back and friendly.

Thanks to those who made it on a Sunday, and hope to see you all at our BIG event on Saturday 6th December!

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