Tuesday, 30 September 2014

National StreetPass Weekend/SPUK's Pokémon Autumn Qualifier 27/09/14

It was also our first "official" birthday, but with two events happening within each other, we sort of left it at that! (Our 2nd birthday is technically at the end of November, so it might get a mention then too ;) )

We swung by the shops to pick up the food, and arrived at Powis Hall (first try of this venue) at 10am ready to set up. We arranged the tables across the hall with chairs round them, and left two joined tables together ready for the Pokémon competitors. People started arriving just before 11, and signed up to the pokémon tournament and/or the Mario Kart 7 competition. On this occasion people had to declare their teams, as this was the rule of the tournament, based on the VGCs. (The whole tournament is run by Havak on behalf of StreetPass UK, with the final being held in Manchester on 22nd November!)

Today we had the usual raffle, and also an idea stolen from StreetPass Banbury - Guess the nickname of the Tepig, and win the Tepig plush! the raffle had a couple of interesting prizes, including a donated "Kurt's Pokémon Hat" of Glalie; and a plush Gengar amongst other things.

 We had a steady stream of entrants, but we didn't want to start the Pokémon tournament on 12 as planned, due to 3 people missing who'd pre-registered! We ended up sorting the food out first, which was appreciated by the more hungry ones- who can refuse free Subway and cake?!

We had a few later arrivals, so we started the Pokémon tournament with 12 competitors - slightly down on the 16 that we had last year, but all that meant was that 4 competitors got through to the second round for free! The first 4 to get knocked out gained a place into a little random draw to win a bit of eShop credit! A couple of guys had travelled all the way from Denbigh, so it was nice that one of them came away with that; despite neither of them being lucky enough to make it through to the semi final/qualifying stages.
We had small breaks in between each match, mainly because we needed to do announcements about other challenges happening for the non-Pokémon players!

Challenge 1: How big is your plaza?? Well done to Cat for winning that!

Challenge 2: High score for Level 3-2 on StreetPass Squad. Well done to Red for that - although it later emerged that John may have won that but he forgot to submit his score!
Challenge 3: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call: FF XIII-2 - "The Last Hunter" - Ultimate - High score? 3 attempts! Well done to Dan for winning that one, nearly capping the track with a score in the high 9,000,000s!!

On with the  Pokémon - It was down to the last 4 and as expected, Zog and Koryo stood tall. 2 newcomers were the challengers - Jack and Angus.
What was that?! Angus had beaten Zog?!!! Zog and Jack took on each other for the 3rd place play off; whilst Angus went on to battle Koryo at the final.

Final placings: 1st: Koryo, 2nd: Angus, 3rd: Zog, 4th: Jack Congratulations guys and see you in Manchester for the final! :D (Battle Videos to follow)

Since it was an all day event, some people nipped out and said they'd be back at 3, and some said they'd be arriving at 3 in the first place - The SPGL Mario Kart 7 session was supposed to begin at 3, but due to there only being 12 Pokémon competitors, the tournament had finished by about 1.30pm, which meant there was a bit of a quiet gap in the middle. People munched on the food and played their own games. There was also freeplay Hyrule Warriors on the big projector at the front of the hall, but alas this was only 2 players. Some people did some free Pokemon battles, others played the Super Smash Brothers demo, and more players got on with their StreetPasses and played their own games or attempted the challenges.

In hindsight and if it wasn't for having to wait until 3, we would've started at 2.30, and not had such a rush towards the end! 3pm was fine... until the first grand prix for group 2 took about 4-6 minutes to load between each race!!!
We had 21 sign ups for Mario Kart 7, and as with previous SPGL sessions, they did 3 grand prix and the total points obtained from each race were assigned a ranking and then added up to go on the spreadsheet!
Everyone was in groups of 6 or 7 and were shuffled between each grand prix. Mushroom cup, banana cup and special cup. Basics and a challenge all in one! There were some close calls but as usual Rhys scraped through at the top and bagged the eShop credit - mind you this occasion he only won by 1 point! Dan was very close behind him!
The final standings for the SPGL saw Dan overtake Darren for 3rd place, and Rhys slowly edging away from Angus at the top! There are two sessions left, anything could happen - don't forget there are 3 trophies and some eShop to be won at the end of the year :) And for those not in the top section, don't forget that every session is open to all - it's a bit of fun, and if you're any good, you could even detract the winners from getting a bigger lead ;)
(And by the way, 2015's league game will be SUPER SMASH BROTHERS 3DS!!)

Straight after the 3rd grand prix, we set up the prizes on the stage ready to present.

We did the random draws and challenges first, giving out eShop credit and key ring covers to the lucky people. (we'd done a random prize draw for those who were new and had signed up at the Freshers' Fayre during the week - the catch was that they had to turn up to the event to be drawn - we had 4 lucky entrants, and new member Kieran walked away with some eShop Credit too.)
Raffle prizes went down well, with another new member winning twice!
And ... the name of the Tepig - was pre-chosen and in a sealed envelope. Only Jen knew what it was!
There was a gasp of surprise and frustration as the name was revealed as "Ace" - well, we couldn't be too obvious with our choice could we ;) Well done for Andy P, and his effort that went in to trying to win it!

We thanked all for attending the event, and everyone went on their way. We had an average turn out of about 30, but it was particularly nice to see a few more young faces amongst the group. We hope you all had fun, please come back soon! :)

Don't forget that our next BIG event is less than THREE WEEKS away on Saturday 18th October in our old hangout of Academi! Celebrating the new big release of the year with a Super Smash Brothers 3Ds tournament, and a special Cosplay Show! see more details on the Facebook group/event page :)

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