Monday, 19 May 2014

Mad Mario Kart "May"hem!! 17/5/2014

The last time we had a meet in Academi, there were storms and late security guards... This time it was a hot sunny day, and the security guard was so early he'd left again before we got there so had to call him to get him back!!
The air conditioning was certainly appreciated this time :)

Anyway, we had our usual layout where everyone arrived from 11am and had a bit of time to chat and clear their StreetPasses before the main tournament kicked off. We had a total of 18 attendees, which is a fairly average number for a Mario themed event.

We started with our Retro Mario Kart Tournament at 12pm.
We had all versions except for the GBA. Reason being we couldn't do multiplayer as no one had a link cable, despite a couple of us still having the console and game cartridge!

Round 1 was on the Wii/DS with people in groups of 3 or 4 taking it in turns to rack up points on both versions. Both versions, the Star cup was played.

There ended up being a tiebreaker for 7th/8th place between three people, so we challenged them to Rainbow Road on the Wii. (Wasn't needed in the end though, as when the race drew to a close, Rochelle realised that she'd been watching the wrong screen the whole time!) The spectators were also counting how many times the 3 competitors fell off the track - They achieved a grand total of 12 between them!

The Quarter Final was the GameCube version, and people raced in teams. 2 vs 2 (x2!)
People called for Dylan and me to do a practice to show them how it was done! We raced as a pair against out two younger attendees, but it had been years since we'd last raced (maybe 2011?!) so it's just as well we weren't competing...! 

People were assigned randomly into pairs and then had a couple of minutes to discuss "tactics" before racing it out on the Mushroom Cup to get through to the next round. 

The semi final saw 4 fight it out for the final on the N64. They competed on the Flower Cup which was going smoothly until Choco Mountain where everyone had forgotten that if you fall down the side of the mountain you end up going backwards half a lap behind! Two players kept doing it and the other two didn't! It was a very tense round but Toad & Yoshi took the crown for that one! 

On to the final, and John & Angus battled it out for our awesome prize! up for grabs was a piranha plant plush and £20 of eShop credit. As soon as the SNES itself was switched on, the whole room cheered at the nostalgia of the music!! People even started singing tunes in harmony during some of the SNES racing, it was a glorious moment!
The racing itself consisted of: Ghost Valley 2, Bowser Castle 2, Donut Plains 3 and of course we just HAD to end with Rainbow Road!! 
John was far superior in the final, with a score of 4-0; we could tell that he'd been practising! 

We had a small break and then got ready for Rhys' Mario Kart Trivia Quiz. It was quite hard but we had a few laughs reading some of the answers afterwards... Thanks to whoever came up with "Moustache Boomerangs" for Wario & Waluigi's Special Item in Double Dash. We also had "Konky Kong" as a suggestion as to which member of the Kong family debuted in the Wii version and "Rose Toad" as an answer for Toad's Racing Partner in Double Dash!
John managed to ace the quiz too with 23/25, with Darren and Derwen some way behind with 16/25. There was only a top prize for this though, so John came away with a set of mini Mario Kart figures and £10 more of eShop credit (now with enough for a whole game!)

Almost straight after the quiz results were sorted we did our 3rd session of the SPGL Mario Kart 7 races. Unfortunately neither Chan or Kyle were present which enabled current leaders Rhys and Darren to get ahead. Unfortunately it really wasn't Darren's day, so he barely made a dent in Rhys' lead. Rhys has now started to edge away from Angus, and Dan is catching up fast too, now level with John... who knows what will happen in session 4!

As usual towards the end of the event we presented the prizes and did the raffle. For the raffle we had a Star plush and a little Remote Control Mario Kart (complete with banana and shell); as well as the usual top prize of £30 eShop credit and obligatory consolation prize of "a keyring"!

Everyone seemed to have lots of fun, and to top it off we held an online Mario Kart Wii event at 8pm to mark the end of the Wii/DS Wifi which will be happening on 20th May. Wasn't such a great turn out to this bit, as a lot of our members no longer have a Wii nor the game; so just 3 of us went online, but it was still really fun! Two of us even had a Google Hangout session to complement the racing :)

Don't forget to join us in GAME Bangor on Friday 30th to help us celebrate the launch of the much anticipated Mario Kart 8!


  1. Jolly good stuff. Couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate the Mario Kart legacy!

  2. Seems like a fun event, hopefully I can attend one in the future!