Saturday, 3 May 2014

April Mini Meet (#5) 29/04/2014

We went to our usual location of Varsity, aiming to hang out in "The Hockey Hut" again. Unfortunately when we got there at 5pm, the actual University Hockey Club was taking up the space, so we waited patiently in another corner in the hope they would move at half past. When it got to quarter to 6 and they showed no sign of budging (and when asked said they'd be at least an hour!) I had no choice but to request for them to move on!
So, once we'd sorted ourselves out at nearly 6 o'clock, we got our food ordered, and did our StreetPasses. We had a good turn out as approximately 15 people turned up, including 2 new members :D A few managed to get a quick game in before food.

Some people did have to leave early, but once we'd had our food sorted, we got on with some gaming!
We started with a couple of Mario Kart 7 Grand Prix (good practice for SPGL session #3, coming soon!)
We also had a couple of rounds of 8 player Tetris! The first round took forever though, as it ended up with just Dan and I battling it out at the end- One final switch/fog saw the end to me though!!

A few of us had brought our DS Lites for a bit of nostalgia too, so we got a band together and played... Band Hero!! It was great fun, though we were all a tiny bit out of practice!

We finished off the evening just five of us, with a couple of quick rounds of Mario Kart 7 again, the 2 Grand Prix with Rainbow Road in. 4 of us played, and the tog took her pictures. Nice group picture of those who stayed to the end...

Thank you to all those who made it, hope you had fun; and see you at our Mad Mario Kart Mayhem on the 17th May!! :D

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