Monday, 24 March 2014

The Big Pokémon Collaboration! 23/03/14

This was the first time that we decided to collaborate with another group, so we chose Bangor University Masters of Pokémon Society (BUMPS)

We also had a change of venue from the norm, as we were expecting more people and knew for a fact that Academi just wouldn't be big enough for what we wanted to do. we therefore chose Bar Uno up on the student campus in Upper Bangor. A few of us went there to set up an hour ahead of time, and unlike our last event, we had absolutely no technical hitches! win!

We set up the Wii U in a particular area, and then set aside the back of the area for the Pokémon battle (and later Mario Karting) as well as the remaining area for casual 3DS playing. People started turning up around the 11am mark, so we got them signed up for various things, as well as advertising our fantastic Xerneas plush as the top raffle prize for the day!

Total attendance was very good at over 25, with a couple of younger attendees (with parent gamers too!) Our regular members showed up as always, and the Pokémon Society's attendees were decent too. (Yes a lot of our members overlap guys ;) )

Whilst we sorted all the sign ups, people got stuck straight into the Wii U, starting with "Super Mario 3D World" and progressing on to "Game & Wario" as well as a range of games from Nintendo Land.

I sported an Umbreon hoodie, and Matthew from BUMPS sported his Pikachu onesie! We had a few entrants to the Cosplay competition although we were hoping for a few more! (Hint hint guys, there WILL be another Cosplay before the end of the year ;) )

The Pokémon Battle was almost the same as before... slightly different people, but Zog still came away with the top prize. (because his main rivals from last time weren't there!) A couple of competitors who lost early on in the last battle tournament did a little better this time though :)

Fore: Final, Back: 3rd place play-off

Action in the final! It's like a mirror... o.O

Cosplay went down quite well, although that's Sophie (from BUMPS) and not Matthew in the Pikachu onesie...!

Here were the entrants at the "voting" stage!

Good job guys for the effort! Though apparently there were only ever two in the running, as a fellow host told me after the event that people had already voted before I even did my announcements haha!

...with a bit of stageplay too!

Unfortunately I only had one "goody bag" to give away, so despite it being a tie between Professor Sycamore and Lt. Surge right until the last vote, Lt. Surge had to have it because he won by ONE vote...!
Sycamore did get a T-Shirt and some Sweets though as 2nd place :) 

The Winner! Well done Lt. Surge!

Next up was the SPGL Mario Kart Session #2!
I was shocked and impressed at the number of sign ups! We had 22!! I was so impressed that BUMPS tried their hand at it too :D We had 3 groups, picked randomly from our Item Box, which was reshuffled after every Grand Prix. We did 3 Grand Prix and added the total up for the 3 races, to give our top racer for the session! Well done to Chan for winning this session's eShop reward! Points from this session will get added to the previous one. the 3rd session will be taking place around Mid-May so look out for that :) 

And finally we had the prize giving and raffle! Lucky Zog not only won the battle, but he also walked away with our special Xerneas! Other prizes included £30 of eShop Credit, an Espeon plush, and some more special T Shirts. 

Left: Lt. Surge (Kyle) winner of Cosplay Right: Zog (Do I need to say he won the Pokémon battle?! ;) )

Prof. Sycamore lost out by 1 point...ouch! but well done Tom for getting #2 :)
Chan went away as top player of the day for Mario Kart 7! Congrats!

There were quite a few gaps in between the main events so that people could eat, chat, socialise and of course play other games! Game & Wario was definitely the most popular title on the Wii U too :) (Below is a random selection of Wii U stuff!)

And last but not least, thanks to BUMPS for joining up with us, hope you enjoyed it! Thanks to Bar Uno for letting us hold our event there, we loved it and hope to be back in the near future :)

Thanks to our helpers who helped us set up and put things away, and of course thanks to Kyle Marsh & Rochelle Joseph for supplying us with some of the pictures! :D

see everyone at our next event, coming soon!