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StreetPass North Wales' Big Mario Party! 08/02/14

It wasn't the best start to the day to wake up to stormy weather! Raining and blowing gales, as well as major roadworks on Deiniol Road, I immediately thought there would be a smaller turnout than expected. 
When we got to the venue, Security had no record of our booking! When we eventually got let into Academi, the cinema screen had no sound either!! 
... After half an hour waiting outside, and then almost an hour trying to set up our Wii and get some sound going, we were ready to start the tournaments! 
We had a turnout of about 10, which was slightly disappointing since we were originally expecting 30; but it by no means dampened the spirits of the day! All it meant was more freebies to go round, including a batch of home-made chocolate and "butterfly" buns! 

The "Retro" Mario Party tournament kicked off at 12.30pm. We had exactly 8 entrants which was handy, so we did a random draw for the groups of 4 for each version of Mario Party played.
As layout, we had 4 versions of Mario Party, with 3 mini games for each "round". We were originally supposed to be playing versions 2, 4, 8 & 9; but the provider of 4 forgot their memory card, so we had to ditch 4 and did the final round with 3 mini games from Mario Party: Island Tour instead; finishing with "Perilous Palace Path" 

Round 1: Mario Party 2. I regret not getting the Mario Party 2 N64 Cartridge when I was growing up, simply borrowing it from friends instead... So today we had a downloaded version on the Wii, complete with the use of Gamecube Controllers. 1)"Shell Shocked" 2) "Toad in a Box" 3) "Dizzy Dancing"

Round 2: Mario Party 8. 1) "Flip the Chimp" 2) "Shake it Up" 3) "Sick & Twisted" 

Round 3: Mario Party 9: 1) "Peak Precision" 2) "Logger Heads" 3) "Player Conveyor"

Round 4: Mario Party: Island Tour: 1) "Claiming the Cube" 2) "Goomba Rodeo" 3) "Trounce & Bounce" 

There was a lot of cheering and shouting, and a lot of fun seemed to have been had! 

Those who didn't take part were trading Pokémon and chatting, whilst Rhys gave Bit.Trip on the wii!
When the final of the Mario Party Competition was on, Kyle managed to complete Super Mario Bros 2 from scratch (Using warps as shortcuts, of course ;) )

Whilst waiting for the results to see who was in the final, 8 people played bomberman blast (Wii) - 4 on Gamecube controllers, 4 on wiimotes, it was crazy!! 

Final: "Perilous Palace Path" : Freya Vs. John Vs. Darren Vs. Chan

Winner: Freya :D 

After the final was done with and Freya was congratulated, we moved on to Mario Kart. This was the new season: For 2014 we will be racing under the StreetPass Gaming League (SPGL) tag, racking up points for a bigger prize at the end of the season. We will try and race 3 grand prizes every session, and the winner for each session will receive a prize. At the end of the season the top 3 *may* have the opportunity to race it out with other top racers from other StreetPass UK groups, and on top of that, can bag the Leaf, Special or Shell trophy for their achievements in SPNW itself! Even if you miss one session you still have the chance to get your place in the "Hall of Fame" by racking up enough points! We had 6 entrants this time, so best of luck, and more are welcome to try at our next event! 
At this session we did the mushroom, shell and flower cups. Rhys came top by a mere 1 point at 21, with Kyle placing 2nd with 20. 3rd place was taken jointly by Darren and Goose, both with 19 points!

We did an early raffle this time as everyone was finished, and we had a big thwomp cushion to give away as well as more eShop Credit and a limited edition blue Pokémon bag. We also did the prize giving, and then left the last hour for free play. We did another couple of boards of Mario Party and then one round of Luigi's Mansion 2. 

Look out for our next event towards the end of March! It will most certainly be Pokémon based, but look out for more details and a possible collaboration coming soon ;) 

NB: All our events have a layout and set time, BUT you can turn up at any point of the day you like! If you just want to be in (for example) the Mario Kart session, you can turn up just before 3 instead of 11. As always, any queries or questions, post on the Facebook Group, Tweet us, or send us an email! :) 

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