Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mini Meet #4 24/02/14

From 5pm in Varsity, we had our usual corner booked: "The Hockey Hut" The total turnout was 11, which was the best yet for a mini meet!

The first hour was spent trying to clear StreetPasses; since the last meet and quite a few people were inspired to buy the extra StreetPass Quests, it took a lot of people a lot longer to clear them!
If attendees wanted a free T-Shirt, they had to say "It's on like Donkey Kong!" We had one left over, so look out in the next raffle, for your chance to bag the last one :)

We played a few Mario Kart Grand Prixes, some Luigi's Mansion 2 Pokémon, Elite Beat Agents and Diddy Kong Racing DS.

Much fun was had by all, but a few people had to leave fairly early due to transport or other commitments. (Us included!)

The few of us remaining had a couple of games of pool before heading home for the night!

Thanks to all who made it, and hopefully see you at our next event on 23rd March! :)

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