Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mini (Christmas) Meet! 17/12/13

We opted for a meet slightly later in the day this time, so instead of Cafe Nero, we went for Varsity again. Booking the little corner to the left of the bar meant we had a bit of privacy and made sure that this time we didn't clash with any sport that might have been happening that evening. In the end it turned out to be a quiet night, both for the pub and our group!
It was nice though, as when we did our first mini meet, there was a bigger overall number, but the constant number was a very small four! This time we had a constant 6, with only one having to leave early; and we still had a decent 5 of us by the end of the meet!
We didn't run any competitions this time, as everyone wanted to play different things. Despite the varying tastes, though we covered all the decent multiplayers we had on us, and the smaller group gave us more chance to chat properly :)

We did a few Mario Kart 7 Grand Prixes, some Island Tours, Luigi's Mansion 2, and a Pokemon Battle! Fun was had by all, and since it was Christmas, all the attendees were given some eshop credit to spend over the holidays!

Merry Christmas all/Nadolig Llawen pawb! :D

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