Monday, 25 November 2013

North Wales' Pokémon Qualifier

This was arranged at somewhat shorter notice than other events, but we wanted to make our mark at Nintendo UK's Winter Pokémon Event on the 7th December, so after we had just hosted our Big Official Pokémon Event, we asked people to sign up for another event, deemed just "The Qualifier"!

This time we used a pre-registration idea, where people had to sign up via email to secure their place. We also used the app "Brackelope" to make things a bit clearer and more official. 
It worked quite well because exactly 16 people signed up, and 16 turned up on time too!
The slight downside of the smaller group was that the 5 people who knew each other were inevitably going to have to battle each other. Cue 1st round and the little guy got put against his own cousin!

The layout of the room was different to last time. We moved out the giant beanbags, and used the big tables as gaming tables. We had them next to each other in a line, so there were 8 chairs (4 opposite 4) - perfect setting for an official qualifier!

We did try and emphasise that anyone could attend and play whatever they wanted, so we also made a corner for "non-competitors". This seemed to go down quite well :)

This event was hosted by just Dylan & I, as Rhys really wanted to compete! 

Due to the number of 16, everything went really smoothly, bar one connection right at the start. We synchronised the "start battle" with a 3,2,1, GO!
We did a quick breather in between each round, and it got tense in the semi final.

Even though the top 3 places were all essentially the same prize, we still did the final, as the top 2 wanted to know who was the ultimate champion!

The 2 who came top in the last event ended up as 3rd and 2nd. A new guy came 1st.
Congratulations to  Chris "Koryo", Daniel "Zog" and James, and all the best for London! Do us proud! :D

We finished slightly early, so the Pokemon guys stayed for a bit and chatted about their teams and set up. The "non-Pokemon" lot decided to have a few rounds of Mario Kart just for fun. With only a few of us left, it meant both Dylan & I managed to get some Karting in too! :)

Round 1

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals!

3rd place play-off!
top 2!

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