Tuesday, 5 November 2013

North Wales' Official Pokémon Event (Official Meet #2)

This meet was planned for a Sunday, at the request of some from the previous event's feedback. We ended up choosing between the 27th October and the 3rd November. We chose the 3rd November after a vote, and planning was well underway a week after the first event!
Amongst our prizes from Nintendo, we acquired a few eshop vouchers, Pokémon plushes, and some other Pokémon merchandise. The merchandise was from Pokémon Black & White Version 2 due to licensing preventing us having merchandise from the newly released Pokémon X & Y. This didn't put anyone off though.... after all.... who can resist a very large Pikachu plush?! :)

This time, we booked Academi. this is a student-run venue in the centre of Bangor. We booked the "Cinema" room, and the "Meeting" room as a reserve. It was a nice and clean, quiet venue, but the downside was the lack of tables. There were two tables in the meeting room, so we grabbed them and moved them into the Cinema room for the day. We put the chairs around the edge of the room, and threw a selection of giant beanbags into the middle. We put some Pokémon posters along the walls of the venue so people could find us from the entrance (Posters obtained from older editions of the ONM!)

Leading the way...
There is a big screen for hooking up laptops and consoles at the front of the Cinema room, so we took advantage of that and put some slides up for the Pokémon Battle Tournament.

The Grand Final!

Everything kicked off just after 11am.

A pikmin was given for anyone who showed us a pink piece from the Pokémon X & Y puzzle panel upon entry to the venue. People also signed up to the Pokémon Battle and/or Mario Kart 7. Throughout the day we also sold raffle tickets. Due to there being no food provisions at the venue, we told people beforehand to bring their own food or pop over to ASDA in a gap (which was across the road). We did however provide a selection of biscuits and soft drinks for anyone who might have forgotten. People started off on the chairs, but as the day progressed and people got a bit more relaxed with the company, some ventured on to the beanbags :)

Pokemon Battles 1
Pokemon battles 2
The Pokemon battle went underway: double battle with flat rules. We had a knockout round for 4 players randomly drawn from a hat. This left us with 8, perfect for the Quarter final. We made some slides for each of the final rounds...
The final round was really tense and lasted quite a while, but eventually James came out top, and when given the choice of eshop credit or Pikachu, he just had to choose the 

Pokémon Battle Champion!

We had a bit of a gap, so Rhys led another Battle : Single, flat rules. Of course I hadn't factored this in, so had to swap some prizes around. I nearly ended up without any decent raffle prizes... eek! Another curve ball was thrown when the same people came out on top, and then 1st place forfeited. This meant that 2nd place got 1st prize, and ended up winning more in total than 1st place... this will be reconsidered for future events. If you forfeit a prize, 2nd place will still get the 2nd prize, and the forfeited prize will be saved until the next event.

Next up was the Mario Kart challenge. We had exactly 8 entrants. Due to Rhys having to forfeit his position at Event #1 due to being host, Dylan hosted it this time to give him chance to compete properly. He did indeed win this time, so there went the 2nd official Shell cup Trophy :) They raced 3 cups: Mushroom, Star and then special cups. It was quite a tense tournament until the final cup. Nearly everyone had voted for the special cup at the end, despite earlier in the day half of them saying they hated Rainbow Road! :P

Mario Kart Tournament.

Mario Kart Winner :)

On to the Pokémon Quiz. Courtesy of one of the Mario Fest 2012 guys, we came up with 20 questions and 10 images. People laughed at some of the easy questions and gasped at some of the harder ones. People seemed to be eager to try the image quiz too. Everyone loves a "Who's that Pokémon" right?! Everyone attempted it, and there was quite a spectrum of scores, but there was just a single point between 1st and 2nd place! Here, a Tepig was given away, as well as some collectible figures.

Finally, we did the raffle, and officially announced the winners (complete with a photo of them and their prizes.)

Fun was had by all it seems!

This was our last big event of the year, but we hope to have a few mini meets before Christmas, and some online ones too. Check out our group for upcoming events! :D

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