Saturday, 26 October 2013

Online Meet #1 - Mario Kart 7!

What better game to start our series of Online meets off with, than Mario Kart?!

It is the easiest one to organise, with the community function at your fingertips! 
There was about 5 of us for the first meet, which made for a good few races. People seemed to have fun, and it also gave those members of the group not currently living in Bangor, still chance to take part in our happenings :) 

We posted the community code shortly before the races happened, and most people got on it ok, with only a few disconnections during the session.

Mario Kart is definitely a fundamental of any Nintendo gaming group, but we do hope to circle round a number of games that are good for online multiplayer. We will be taking votes for the next one probably, so watch out in the Facebook group for that :) 

One thing we have to consider is the fact that while our main fanbase is in Bangor, a lot of that fanbase are students. Students move on after a few years, and aren't usuallly there outside termtime. 
We hope to host one or two online meets between official events, to encourage all to stay involved, whether they missed the main event, are away from Bangor, or are at every single happening. 

Also I know some are on Twitter and not Facebook (and vice versa), but obviously there is a lot more space for content on Facebook. We strive to keep our twitter fans up with all our goings on though, so if you feel like we've missed anything, don't forget to give us a shout!

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