Tuesday, 10 September 2013

About us, and how we Started...

It all started in early 2012 when Dylan and I put "3DS" on our wedding gift list, and ended up receiving one each because of a disorganised groomsman. Instead of taking it back, they decided we should indeed have one each!

We also held a Mario Kart Tournament at the wedding itself, for the "friends" in our wedding party. Best men, Bridesmaids, ushers, helpers and partners! An usher hosted it in his hotel room, and everyone did time trials on the original Mario Kart DS.

Wedding Mario Kart tourney!

Dylan and I got back from our mini moon to find out there was an actual Mario Kart 7 Grand Prix about to take off with chance to fight it out in a Final in Birmingham. We only had one copy of the game though, so I got my own version to take part with!
It all revolved around the community and racking up points, so because it was the last week of my holiday, I managed to qualify. We went to Birmingham at the end of October, for "Mario Fest 2012", met lots of amazing people, and best of all, I came away #3 for the UK, #1 for Wales and won a year's supply of 3DS (new release) games! (See 6:03 in below!)

I stayed in touch with a few people from the day, and was so inspired but disappointed at the same time! There was obviously a lot out there for 3DS and Nintendo fans generally, but absolutely nothing up in North Wales! In the November I created a Facebook group called "3DS Bangor Wales", and a few people found us. Nothing much happened though, as we were so small. I tried to get word out, but in the end, no one seemed to be available at the same time for events :(

I managed to get a few mini events in early in 2013, but they were all unofficial as it involved me just visiting a certain building when I knew people didn't have lectures!!!

Fast forward to Summer 2013, and I found StreetPass Manchester's Facebook Page. Essentially for our first wedding anniversary, we went to SPM's "Big Luigi"  It was one of the most well-organised and amazing events I'd ever been to! Over 140 people turned up, there were a few tournaments, a quiz and a raffle. Plenty of friendly people to talk to, and best of all I met the hosts. James and Beth were lovely, and seeing how they ran things with their helpers, inspired me again.

We were running as essentially StreetPass Bangor, but around this time, we collaborated with Rhys of StreetPass Llandudno, and became StreetPass North Wales. Plenty of ideas between us, and some good resources to help us, we're now well on our way!
One day we'd like to cover all of North Wales, but as our fan base is mainly Bangor for now, we tend to base our events in the Bangor area. 

We are a group for locals and students alike, as well as all age groups!

We aim to be bilingual where possible, and host events to recognise as many multiplayer and streetpassable games for the 3DS, especially those great for larger groups. Occasionally we may feature other Nintendo consoles too.

Our "official events" will be once a month or so, with smaller informal meets in between and some online meets. Just keep an eye on our group for upcoming events and news! :)

Follow us: @SPNorthWales
Email: Streetpass.northwales@gmail.com

Written by Jen

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